ECHOES (2016)


Echoes is the third album of Case Yonkhear. Like Off The Grid, his second album, for the most part the album is recorded at Dubway Studios, downtown NYC. Vocals were tracked at IJland Studio, and the album is mixed by Martijn Groeneveld of Mailmen, Utrecht. Like the second album, Kees recorded the tracks with a band of local musicians from NYC, Kyle Sanna, guitar, Andrea Monorchio, bass, and Nikolaus Schuhbeck, drums. Engineer Chris Montgomery from Dubway Studios, worked for example for Grammy Winning initiative Artist Den, collaborated with NYC-producer Peter Katis, and artists such as Rachel Platten.

“Fly Away” will be the first single of the album.


All songs written by Kees Jonkheer (except lyric The Gift, written by Helen Engelhardt). Backing tracks recorded by Chris Montgomery at Dubway Studios, New York City. Vocals recorded by Remko Schouten at IJland Studio, Amsterdam. Mixed by Martijn Groeneveld at Mailmen Studio, Utrecht

Mastered by Darius van Helfteren, Amsterdam Mastering,


Kees Jonkheer: piano, acoustic guitar (Say You Will, Anything Goes II), bass (Pernilla Tika, When Do the Martians Come), vocals.
Kyle Sanna: electric guitar, acoustic guitar.
Andrea Monorchio: bass

Nikolaus Schuhbeck: drums.
Theo Sieben: acoustic guitar (The Gift).


Thank you

Al Houghton, Chris Montgomery, Kyle Sanna, Andrea Monorchio, Nikolaus Schuhbeck, Helen Engelhardt, Theo Sieben, Remko Schouten, Martijn Groeneveld, Ruud Houweling, Alex Jonkheer, Thijs Vrij, Walter Wilhelm, Patrick Tersteeg, Ed Noordhuizen.


White Room Reviews: "‘Strangers’ sounds as Bowie in top form"

Krenten uit de Pop: "We do not have much better in The Netherlands."

Subjectivisten: "Strong album"

OOR: "Plea from the reviewer: give it a try!”