Soul Cream Head Shake (2011)


MusicFromNL: “exceptionally strong debut”

VRPO 3voor12: “with Soul Cream Head Shake, Yonkhear proves to be able to write fine songs and decorate them with even better arrangements”

Plugout: “the easier songs, in which Case’s varied songlines stand out, are part of the highlights of his cd”


Live in Your Living Room-founder Kees Jonkheer end 2011 released his debut-album Soul Cream Head Shake. The cd is recorded at IJland Studios, Amsterdam, and mastered by Darius van Helfteren of Amsterdam Mastering.


On Soul Cream Head Shake, Kees assembled a great band of talented musicians. There has been great contributions from guitarist Theo Sieben (Paulusma, National Theater, Orkater) who himself released his debut-album Until Grass early 2011, and Nick Schuit, Frank Schalkwijk (guitar) and Robin Smit (drums) of Grand Prize of the Netherlands winners of 2009: The Cosmic Carnival. Also, apart from the vocals, Kees plays a lot of instruments himself, such as bass, rythm guitar and harmonica.

References other musicians make to Case Yonkhear: John Cale, early David Bowie, Fleet Foxes, and Ryan Adams.


The record is available at iTunes